New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 10/3/2023 8:39:33 AM

7.2.B.2 S-RS District Uses in the GPD Districts

In the portions of the GPD District in Planning Districts 12 and 13, certain uses in the S-RS District shall be conditional uses, subject to the following limitations:

  1. Any proposed development site that meets, or met at the time of this ordinance, the minimum size standards for a planned development in Article 5, Section 5.2.C shall be considered under the planned development process and is not eligible for consideration as a conditional use.
  2. Only properties located in Planning Districts 12 and 13 are eligible for conditional use consideration.
  3. A conditional use may be granted if the City Council finds that the proposed uses are compatible with uses existing or anticipated to occur upon the adjacent sites and will be properly screened or buffered from adjacent properties as needed to minimize potential negative impacts.
  4. The proposed development shall comply with the S-RS District Site Design Standards found in Article 13, Section 13.3.


September 12, 2016, Zoning Docket 052/16, 27,057 MCS, ยง1