New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 8:11:30 AM

6.3.A Location and Boundaries of Zoning Districts

1.  The locations and boundaries of the zoning districts established by this Ordinance are as set forth on the Official Zoning Map that is adopted by the City Council and that is prepared, maintained, and made available by the City Planning Commission. The Official Zoning Map is incorporated into, and made an integral part of, this Ordinance. It is the intent of this Ordinance that the entire area of the City, including all land and water areas, be included in the zoning districts established by this Ordinance.

2. A zoning district name or letter-number combination shown on the Official Zoning Map indicates that the regulations of the zoning district designated by that name or letter-number combination apply to all properties within the boundary lines around that name or letter-number combination.