New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/21/2023 6:07:46 PM

4.5.F.2 Changes Approved by the City Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission, upon recommendation of other applicable City departments or commissions, may approve the following changes:

a.  Increases in total building coverage of any structure beyond twenty percent (20%) in any part of the development plan.

b.  Increases in height of any individual structure beyond ten percent (10%) and up to twenty percent (20%) of the approved height of said structure, provided that the requested height does not exceed the height limit established in the district.

c.  Increases in the number of structures permitted in any part of the development plan.

All applications for amendments to approved Conditional Use plans requiring City Planning Commission approval shall include a Project Neighborhood Participation Program (Project NPP) in accordance with Article 4, Section 4.3.D.2 Pre-Application Meeting and Project Neighborhood Participation Program.

Ord. 29084 MCS, 7-7-22, ZD 017/22; Ord. No. 29,126, ยง4, Aug. 12, 2022, Zoning Docket 16/22