New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/21/2023 5:35:21 PM

4.5.F.1 Changes Approved by the Executive Director of City Planning Commission

The Executive Director of the City Planning Commission may approve the following minor changes:

a.   Any changes to building materials or building facades, provided that the change in materials is listed as a permitted material.

b.   Any increases in floor area of structures, provided that the floor area is not expand beyond twenty percent (20%) and does not exceed the bulk regulations of the underlying zoning district.

c.  Any height increases to existing structures, provided that the height of the structure does not increase beyond ten percent (10%) and the height does not exceed the height limit established for the district.

d.   Any changes in the uses of the buildings, provided that the use is considered permitted in the applicable district.

e.  Rearrangements of internal streets and driveways, where such is found to be consistent with previous approvals, improves traffic circulation, and/or otherwise improves the development plan.

f.   Changes to the number and/or arrangement of parking and loading spaces that are in compliance with this ordinance. Increases or decreases in, or rearrangment of, off-street parking spaces in any part of the development plan.

g.  Such additional changes, adjustments, or alterations to elements of the development plan, such as walks, fencing, signs, lighting, landscape, or other elements, as may be necessary or desirable to improve the quality of the approved development plan or to provide for consistency with such other changes as may be authorized in this section.

Ord. No. 29,126, ยง4, Aug. 12, 2022, Zoning Docket 16/22