New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/21/2023 4:43:38 PM

4.4.E.2 Pre-Application Meeting and Project Neighborhood Participation Program

All applications for planned development shall include a Project Neighborhood Participation Program (Project NPP).  Planned Development applications initiated by the City Council are subject to the Project NPP, although the property owner or owner's agent may conduct the NPP meeting in accordance with the requirements of this section.  Until all required NPP documents are submitted to CPC staff, including meeting notice letter, sign-in sheets, and NPP meeting summary, the request will not be deemed complete for the purpose of a completeness review as provided in Section 3.2.B.  The City Council may also require the party of interest to undergo the NPP process prior to the motion being acted on by the City Council.  During a time of declared emergency by the Governor or Mayor, when in-person meetings are not an available option, the City Planning Commission Director shall be authorized to require teleconferencing, virtual, or other remote meeting formats to satisfy NPP requirements.

a.  Applicants shall first meet with the staff of the City Planning Commission to become familiar with the procedure and approval standards for planned development and to obtain guidance on the requirements of the Project NPP.

b.  The Project NPP shall include the following information:

i.  A brief description of the proposal, including estimated start and end dates, a development plan for the project, known needed variances, and citations for each.

ii.  An outlined area map and a contact list for notifying the individuals and entities identified in Section 3.3.

iii.  A general description of how parties on the contact list will receive information on the project, including a statement as to which public notification techniques will be used for the project.

iv. A general description of how parties on the contact list will be informed of any changes or amendments to the proposed project after the applicant’s initial contact.

v. A statement as to how those impacted by the proposal will be provided an opportunity to discuss the request if issues or questions should continue or suddenly arise.

c.  The applicant shall provide the typed Project NPP and notice, including email notification to applicable registered neighborhood associations of an opportunity for interested parties to attend a meeting to discuss the proposed application not less than fourteen (14) nor more than thirty (30) days after the date on which the applicant provides notification to the parties on the contact list.  In addition, the applicant shall notify the City Planning Commission of the meeting date, time, and location not less than fourteen (14) days prior to the meeting.  The applicant shall hold the meeting at the noticed time.  The applicant shall distribute informational handouts to meeting attendees.  The handouts shall include information about the applicable zoning district, registering with City notification system(s), accessing application documents and NPP meeting summary reports.  For the purposes of this section, meetings may be held in a physical location that is in accordance with the City Planning Commission's Administrative Rules, Policies and Procedures.  The notice provided in accordance with this section shall include a brief description of the request and shall indicate the existing zoning classification of the subject property and the citation for the planned development.  

d.  The applicant shall submit a Project NPP report with the application. The report shall provide the following information:

i. The names of the individuals and entities that were notified and the total number of number of people that participated in the process. 

ii. A list of the concerns, issues, and problems expressed by the participants.

iii. A statement as to how each concern, issue, and problem is addressed and how the applicant intends to continue to address them. If the concern, issue, or problem is not being addressed, the applicant should state the reasons.

iv.  Copies of letters, affidavits, meeting invitations, newsletters, publications, sign-in sheets, and petitions received in support of or in opposition to the proposed project, and any other materials pertaining to the notification process.

v.  The date, time, and location of all meetings held with interested parties, or a statement indicating the reasons if no meeting was held. No information pertaining to any meeting held more than one hundred eighty (180) days prior to the submittal of the application shall be accepted as part of the Project NPP report, except where subsequent meetings with interested parties have occurred within the one hundred eighty (180) days preceding the submittal of the Project NPP report.

vi.  A completed sign-in sheet that includes the names, addresses, and contact information for meeting attendees.

Ord. No. 27,222, ยง2, Dec. 20, 2016, Zoning Docket 99/16; Ord. 28782 MCS, 9-23-21, ZD 46/21