New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/22/2023 12:11:12 AM

4.3.F Approval Standards

The City Planning Commission recommendation and the City Council decision on applications for a conditional use shall, on the basis of all information submitted, evaluate the impact of the conditional use on and the compatibility of the use with surrounding properties and neighborhoods to ensure the appropriateness of the use at a particular location. The Commission and Council shall specifically consider the extent to which:

1.  The proposed use at the specified location is consistent with the policies embodied in the adopted Master Plan.

2.  The proposed use is consistent with the general purpose and intent of the applicable zoning district regulations.

3.  The proposed use meets all standards specifically applicable to the use as set forth in Article 20 and all environmental performance standards of this Section 21.3.

4.  The proposed use is compatible with and preserves the character and integrity of adjacent development and neighborhoods and, as required by the particular circumstances, includes improvements or modifications either on-site or within the public right-of-way to mitigate development-related adverse impacts, including but not limited to:

a.  Adequate ingress and egress to property and proposed structures thereon with particular reference to vehicular and pedestrian safety and convenience, and access in case of fire.

b.  Off-street parking and loading areas.

c.   Refuse and service areas.

d.  Utilities with reference to location, availability, and compatibility.

e.  Screening and buffering features to minimize visual impacts and/or set-backs from adjacent uses.

f.  Control of proposed exterior lighting with reference to glare, traffic safety, economic effect, and compatibility and harmony with properties in the district.

g.   Required yards and open space.

h.  Height and bulk of structures.

i.   Hours of operation.

j.  Roadway adjustments, traffic control devices or mechanisms, and access restrictions to control traffic flow or divert traffic as may be needed to reduce or eliminate development-generated traffic on neighborhood streets.

k.  The amount and location of existing impervious surface.

5.  Any variance of zoning standards meets the approval standards of Section 4.6.F.

6.  The proposed use is not materially detrimental to the public health, safety, and welfare, or results in material damage or prejudice to other property in the vicinity.

Ord 28800 MCS, 10-21-21, ZD 56/21