New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/19/2024 4:51:05 AM

28.4.1 Affordable Rental Housing Development Design Standards

A.        Distribution of affordable housing units:

  1. The affordable housing units shall be located on-site within the same structure as the market rate dwelling units. The affordable units shall be spread throughout the development and not clustered on one floor or in one area of the development.
  2. The affordable housing units shall be comparable to the market-rate dwelling units in terms floor area and exterior finishes. Interior finishes or appliances may be different as long as functionality and longevity are retained.

B.        The residents of the affordable housing units shall have access to the same amenities as the residents of the market-rate dwelling units.

C.        Affordable units shall utilize the same entrances as market-rate units and shall not have separate entrances.

D.        The bedroom mix (i.e. the number of bedrooms) of the affordable housing units shall be proportional to the market-rate dwelling units.

Ord. 29566, 8-1-23, Zoning Docket 014-23