New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 9:06:22 AM

25.7.A Legal Nonconforming Billboard Receiving Locations for Electronic Conversion

1.  Receiving locations shall only be the triangle locations shown in Map 25-1 below and the list that follows.  Billboard numbers correspond with the City of New Orleans Billboard Inventory database:

Map 25-1 Potential Billboards for Conversion to Electronic Format

2.  To be eligible for conversion to an electronic format, receiving locations must amass the credit described in the next section per billboard face.  "Billboard" refers to only a single sign or face and not all signs or faces that may be installed on a structure.

3.  If a receiving location also includes the removal of one or more existing legal nonconforming billboards, the construction of a new pole within that same lot shall be authorized.

4.  Replacement of billboard locations approved for electronic conversion shall be oriented in the same direction as and no larger than the previous static billboard.

5.  Receiving locations shall be subject to all other restrictions and permitting requirements of Section 24.14 Billboards.

Ord 28908 MCS, 1-6-22, ZD 64/21