New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 9:37:05 AM

25.3.G.9 Existing Two-Family Dwellings in the Lake Area Districts

a.  Two-family dwellings, where the two-family residential use is the immediate previous legal use of the structure, shall be permitted to be re-established, structurally altered, and additional floor area may be added to the structure, provided that no additional dwelling units shall be permitted.

b.  Two-family residential structures described above may be demolished and rebuilt, provided that they obtain a building permit for construction within one (1) year of issuance of a demolition permit and complete construction and obtain a certificate of occupancy from the Department of Safety and Permits within (1) year of the issuance of the building permits.

c.  With regard to the standard time limitations in subsection (b) above regarding demolition and building permits, properties that were established as legal two-family dwellings as of August 29, 2005 (the date of Hurricane Katrina) shall retain two-family dwelling status for three (3) years following demolition or until August 29, 2010, whichever is earlier. These Katrina damaged two-family dwellings that have not obtained a building permit by August 29, 2010 will lose two-family status and revert to the underlying single-family status.