New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 9:13:34 AM

25.3.G.7 Existing Fairgrounds

An existing fairground in a residential district or in any district when owned by an established public entity may be maintained, structurally altered, or extended, new structures constructed, parking areas extended, and new parking area created within the boundaries of the development, without a change of use. For purposes of this section, this includes, but is not limited to, the following uses: amusement parks, pistol or rifle ranges, racetracks, sport fields. Such uses shall be located on a site no less than ten (10) acres in size within the boundaries of the fairgrounds, as delineated on the Official Zoning Map. The following standards apply to expansions:

a.  There is no further encroachment on any required yard area or off-street parking area.

b. The required setbacks for a new structure or any extension is twenty (20) feet from a public right-of-way and fifty (50) feet from a residential property line. When a structure abuts a cemetery the required setback from the cemetery is three (3) feet. Any new parking area or any extension of an existing parking area shall be set back twenty (20) feet from a residential property line. The required yard setback from a public right-of-way cannot be reduced to the average front yard setback established by other structures along the street frontage.

c. Whenever a new structure or parking area or the extension of an existing structure or parking area abuts a public right-of-way or residential property line, a masonry fence or a fence constructed of redwood, cedar, or cypress boards placed vertically, edge to edge, shall be provided. The fence shall be located along the residential property line and seven (7) feet in height, or located ten (10) feet from a public right-of-way and ten (10) feet in height. All barbed wire shall be turned in towards the facility.

d. A chain wall that extends at least twelve (12) inches below grade and at least six (6) inches above grade shall be constructed and maintained as part of the fence to assure that the drainage does not run onto adjacent properties. An internal drainage system shall be provided for any new facility.

e. The ten (10) foot area between a public right-of-way and the fence shall be maintained as open space and planted with live groundcover and shrubs.

f. The shrubs shall be planted prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy and a bond in an amount equal to the initial cost submitted to guarantee the maintenance and replacement of the shrubs for two (2) years.

g. The activities of the development shall not cause serious annoyance or injury to occupants of adjoining premises by reason of the emission of odor, fumes or gases, dust, smoke, noise or vibration, light, or glare or other nuisances and shall comply with all applicable City ordinances.

h. Expansion of the boundaries of the fairgrounds requires approval of a conditional use.

i. Waivers or variances to these provisions by the Board of Zoning Adjustment are prohibited. Waivers or variances may be granted by the City Council, following recommendation by the City Planning Commission.