New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 5:31:29 PM

24.9.B A-Frame Signs

A-frame signs are subject to the following:

1.  A-frame signs are permitted for commerciall uses within the Historic Core, Historic Urban  Neighborhood, Central Business District, Suburban Neighborhood, and Commercial Center and Institutional Campus Districts.

2.  A-frame signs shall have a maximum of two faces. The size of the sign shall not exceed a maximum height of four feet, a maximum width of two feet, and a maximum footprint of two feet by four feet. A-frame signs shall remain portable and not be affixed or anchored to any public property or utility.

3.  The use of A-frame signs is limited to business hours only. Signs shall be stored indoors at all other times. A-frame signs shall not be used outdoors when high winds or heavy rain conditions exist.

4.  Only one (1) A-frame sign is permitted per business. A minimum twenty (20) foot separation is required between all A-frame signs.

5.  An A-frame sign shall be placed within fifteen (15) feet of the primary entrance of the business, and shall not interfere with pedestrian traffic or violate standards of accessibility as required by the ADA or other accessibility codes.

6.  If an A-frame sign is located within the public right-of-way, approval of a temporary Sidewalk Use Permit from the Department of Safety and Permits is required.

7.  An A-frame sign located within the public right-of-way shall be subject to all clearance requirements in accordance with Section 146-536 of the City Code.

8.  A-frame signs in the Central Business Districts shall be subject to the standards of Section 146-494 of the City Code.

9.  A-frame signs in the sidewalk shall not be located within the corner area of a public right-of-way, which is in the area between the curb and the lines created by extending corner side property lines to the curb.


Figure 24-3


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