New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 5:48:00 PM

24.7.I Sign and Premises Maintenance

1.  All signs, and the premises surrounding the sign, shall be maintained in a clean, sanitary, and inoffensive condition, and free and clear of all noxious substances, rubbish, and weeds.

2.  If the City finds that any sign is unsafe or insecure, is a menace to the public, or has been constructed, erected, or maintained in violation of this Article, the Director of the Department of Safety and Permits shall be immediately advised of such condition and give written notice to the sign permit holder. If sign permit holder fails to remove or alter the structure to comply with the standards of this Article, the sign may be removed by City at the expense of the sign permit holder or the owner of the property upon which it is located. The City may cause any other sign that is an immediate peril to persons or property to be removed summarily and without notice.