New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 6:39:56 PM

24.7.G Limitation on Items of Information for Permanent Signs

1.  All permanent signs shall limit the number of items of information on any single sign face to no more than eight (8)  items to prevent traffic hazards for passing motorists and to minimize the cluttered appearance of signs.

2.  Each piece of information on a permanent sign is considered an item of information. For example, each of the following would be defined as one (1) item of information, including multi-word items: a telephone number, the name of the business, rate information, or the business logo. The street number address of the business is not counted as an item of information unless the street address is used as the name of the business.

3.  In the case of electronic message sign, the electronic portion of the sign counts as one (1) item of information. In the case of a changeable copy sign, the area where the items of information are changed manually is also counted as one (1) item of information.

4.  For a sign that contains a time and temperature component, the time and temperature component is not counted as an item of information.

5.  All signs on a lot shall be related to services offered on the premises.

6.  Rate information is a permitted item of information for gas station and parking lot uses.

7.  Signs for multi-tenant commercial buildings that advertise the tenants of the development are limited to one (1) item of information per tenant within the development, which may exceed the eight (8) item limitation, in addition to the name and address of the development.

8.  Directory signs, A-frame signs, banners, and restaurant menu board signs are exempt from the items of information limitation.