New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 5:57:31 PM

24.6.A Computation of Sign Area

1.  For signs on a background, the entire area of the background is calculated as sign area, including any material or color forming the sign face and the background used to differentiate the sign from the structure against which it is mounted. Sign area does not include any supports or bracing. (Figure 24-1: Sign Area Computation)

2.  For signs consisting of freestanding letters or logos, the sign area is calculated as the total area of each square, circle, rectangle, or triangle, or combination thereof, that encompasses each individual letter or logo. This includes signs on a canopy or awning.  Sign area does not include any supports or bracing. (Figure 24-1)

3.  Window signs printed on a transparent film and affixed to the interior or exterior of a windowpane are calculated as individual letters or logos, provided that the portion of the transparent film around the perimeter of the individual letters or logos maintains 100% transparency of the window. (Figure 24-1)

4.  The sign area of a three-dimensional, free-form, or sculptural (non-planar) sign is calculated as 50% of the sum of the area of the four vertical sides of the smallest cube that will encompass the sign. (Figure 24-1)


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Ord. 29126 MCS, 8-4-22, ZD 16/22