New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 5:32:49 PM

24.15 Classic Signs

24.15.A Eligibility   

1.  Any person or the City may apply for designation of an existing sign, as of the date of adoption of this Ordinance, as a classic sign. Classic signs are exempt from area, setback, height, lighting, movement, flashing, placement, type, content, placement and construction materials requirements of this Ordinance.

2.  To qualify for designation as a classic sign, the sign shall:

a.  Be at least twenty-five (25) years old or an exact replica of an original sign where the combined age of the duplicate and original sign is at least twenty-five (25) years.

b.  Possess unique physical design characteristics, such as configuration, message, color, texture, etc.

c.  Be of significance to the city, regardless of the use identified by the sign.

3.  A sign designated a classic sign may remain on the premises even if the original use to which the sign relates is no longer located on the premises.

4.  No designated classic sign may be converted into a billboard.

24.15.B Application   

1.  An application for classic sign status shall include plans for sign maintenance, renovation, or possible reconstruction. A classic sign application may also be submitted by the Historic District Landmarks Commission, Vieux Carre Commission, City Council, or City Planning Commission.

2.  Application for classic sign status shall be made to the Historic District Landmarks Commission or Vieux Carre Commission, as appropriate, who will schedule a public hearing, where the applicant presents classic sign recommendations to the Historic District Landmarks Commission, or Vieux Carre Commission, as appropriate.

3.  The Historic District Landmarks Commission or Vieux Carre Commission, as appropriate may approve or deny the application within sixty (60) days of the public hearing.

4.  The applicant may appeal a decision of the Historic District Landmarks Commission or Vieux Carre Commission to the City Council within thirty (30) days of notification of the decision. 

24.15.C Maintenance and Relocation   

Classic signs may be moved to a new location when and where the associated business moves.  One exact replica of a designated classic sign may be installed at a new location when a business with a classic sign moves.

24.15.D Designated Classic Signs   

The signs identified in Table 24-3: Designated Classic Signs are deemed to be of special significance in the City and are, therefore, designated classic signs and exempt from the provisions of this Ordinance:

Table 24-3: Designated Classic Signs



American Beauty

1001 S. Broad Street

Angelo Brocato

214 N. Carrollton Ave

Blue Plate Fine Foods/Lofts

1315 S. Jefferson Davis Pkwy

Buds Broiler

500 City Park Avenue

Carver Theater

2101 Orleans Avenue


4330 Magazine Street

City Wholesale Liquor

4340 Washington Avenue

Civic Theater

547 Baronne Street

Commanders Palace

1403 Washington Avenue

Crescent City Steaks

1001 N. Broad Avenue

Crescent Palms Motel

3923 Martin Luther King Blvd

Dixie Brewery

2401 Tulane Avenue

Doerr Furniture

914 Elysian Fields Avenue

Falstaff Brewery

2600 Gravier Street

Fischers Loans

100 S. Rampart Street

Half Moon

1901 Sophie Wright Place


1824 Oretha Castle Haley Blvd

Hotel Monteleone

214 Royal Street

Joy Theater

1200 Canal Street

Kolbs Restaurant

125 St. Charles Avenue

Masons Motel

2309 S. Claiborne Avenue

Meisel’s Fabrics

8219 Oak Street

Meyer the Hatter

120 St. Charles Avenue

Palace Cafe

605 Canal Street

Q Lee Laundry

1629 Basin Street

Snadpiper Lounge

2119 Louisiana Street

Standard Life Insurance

1530 N. Claiborne Avenue

Ted's Frostop

3100 Calhoun Street

The Half Shell/ Picadilly Lounge

111 University Place

Tujague's 823 Decatur Street
Tujague's 429 Decatur Street

The Pearl

119 St. Charles Avenue


134 N. Carrollton Avenue


900 Canal Street

Woodward Wight

344 St. Joseph Street

Adopted by Ord 28942 MCS 2-17-22, ZD 95/21