New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 6:04:49 PM

24.13.G.3 Sign Area, Number and Location Regulations

24.13.G.3.a General Requirement   

The sign area, number and location regulations for wall signs, window signs, and projecting signs for non-residential uses in the Historic Core Neighborhood Districts are subject to the following regulations. The location and size of all signs are subject to prior approval by the Vieux Carré Commission.

i.  Zoning Districts Group One includes the following districts: VCC-1, VCC-2, VCS, VCE-1, VCP, HMC-1, HMC-2, and HM-MU Districts.

ii.  Zoning Districts Group Two includes the following districts: VCE District.

24.13.G.3.b Zoning Districts Group One   

The following regulations apply to non-residential uses in the following districts:
VCC-1, VCC-2, VCS, VCE-1, VCP, HMC-1, HMC-2, and HM-MU Districts.

i.  Only one (1) sign, whether wall, window, or projecting, is permitted for each business establishment.

ii.  No more than fifty percent (50%) of the area of any wall, window, or projecting sign may be used to advertise products or commodities sold on the premises.

iii.  Wall and window signs are permitted thirty (30) square inches of sign area for each one (1) foot of street frontage. Where there is more than one (1) business establishment on a lot with street frontage in excess of fifty (50) feet, the total sign area may be increased one (1) square foot for each ten (10) feet of street frontage. However, no one (1) sign may exceed eight (8) square feet in area.

iv.  Projecting signs are permitted sixty (60) square inches of sign area for each foot of lot frontage. The area of a projecting sign is the sum of the areas of both faces. No projecting sign may exceed a total for both sign faces of sixteen (16) square feet.

v.  Where two (2) or more businesses are conducted on the premises of single ownership having a street frontage of twenty-five (25) feet or less, the allowable sign area may be increased by fifty percent (50%). However, the increased sign area is the total maximum sign area permitted for the entire property and are not interpreted to be the permitted sign area for each sign.

24.13.G.3.c Zoning Districts Group Two   

The following regulations apply to non-residential uses in the VCE District.

i.  No sign may interfere with the integrity of the building. No sign may cover any window, door or other architectural detail.

ii.  Each establishment is permitted one (1) category sign and one (1) inventory sign in the form of a wall, window or projecting sign. A category sign is defined as a sign that identifies the name and/or address of the business and may include the category of business. A category sign may be a wall, window, or projecting sign. An inventory sign is defined as a sign that identifies the products, services, and/or prices of the business. An inventory sign shall be a wall sign.

iii.  One (1) category sign may be erected for each business operated on the site with public space immediately behind the facade of the premises. The allowable sign area for a category sign is computed at eight percent (8%) of the public space area of the Bourbon Street facade measured by the height times the base. Height is defined as the distance between the floor and ceiling where they intersect the Bourbon Street facade. Base is defined as the linear footage fronting on Bourbon Street. However, no category sign may exceed fifty (50) square feet in area if double-faced or twenty-five (25) square feet in area if single-faced. The following restrictions on sign area calculation apply:

(A)  The only portion of the facade of a building to be used to calculate the sign area is that portion immediately behind the front façade used to invite the occupancy of the public, therefore excluding warehouse, storage, office, and similar ancillary uses as well as halls, stairways, and other common passages.

(B)  Business operations at upper floors may not consider any doorway or other access at the street level as part of the area of the Bourbon Street facade.

iv.  Each business is permitted one (1) inventory sign which is a single-faced wall or window sign limited to a maximum sign area of two (2) square feet. No more than thirty (30) square inches may be used to identify the name or type of the business.

v.  No sign may be erected above the first floor level of any building. Category and inventory signs of businesses other than those operated on the first floor fronting on Bourbon Street may erect allowable signs at the doorway, carriage way or other ground floor access to the business premises.

24.13.G.3.d Retail Facilities in the VCS and VCS-1 Districts   

The following regulations apply to signs in the VCS and VCS-1 Districts but only for a retail center owned or controlled by a single entity, not anchored by a major department store, unified by specific architectural theme and consisting of a major public or private space, with more than 55,000 square feet of enclosed gross leasable area devoted primarily to diverse retail, food and entertainment facilities:

i. Main building: One (1) sign identifying building’s name not to exceed 150 square feet.

ii. Tenants: One (1) square foot of signage per lineal foot of building with or tenant space width along the wall which faces the street on which the business has its main address.  The signage is limited to those uses on the ground floor.  In addition, tenants on interior and upper floor may utilize canopy hanging (blade) signs.  These signs may not exceed (8) square feet.

iii. Final locations on signs shall be determined by the Vieux Carre Commission.