New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 8:30:01 AM

24.13.G.2 Wall Sign General Regulations

a.  Wall signs shall be safely and securely attached to the building wall at no less than seven (7) feet above the ground. Wall signs shall be affixed flat against the building wall and shall not project more than eighteen (18) inches from the building wall.

b.   No wall sign affixed to a structure, including sign support structure, may project beyond the ends or top of the wall to which it is attached. On existing structures, a parapet wall shall not be constructed for the sole purpose of increasing the allowable height of a wall sign. For new construction, when a sign is to be mounted on a parapet wall, that parapet wall shall be consistent with the architectural design of the building, including building materials. Wall signs may not be attached to un-reinforced masonry parapets. Wall signs shall not cover windows, doors or architectural features.

c. Wall signs shall be constructed of wood, metal, plastic, or painted on a wall. 

Ord. 29126 MCS, 8-4-22, ZD 16/22