New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 6:19:36 PM

24.11.C Marquee

Marquee signs are permitted in the Commercial Center and Institutional Campus and Central Business District Districts subject to the following:

1.  No marquee may extend beyond the curb line.

2.  Marquees are limited to the width of the building entrance with an additional five (5) feet on each side of the entrance permitted.

3.  Marquees are permitted to construct a projecting sign above the roof of the marquee, subject to the requirements for a projecting sign in the applicable district.

4.  All marquees, including the anchor bolts, supports, rods, and braces, shall be designed by a structural engineer and approved by the Director of Safety and Permits. Marquees shall be supported solely by the building to which they are attached and no columns or posts are permitted as support.

5.  The roofs of all marquees shall be used for no other purpose than to form and constitute a roof. A marquee shall be a minimum of seven (7) feet above the sidewalk.