New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 6:55:54 PM

24.11.A Awning, Canopy, and Under-Gallery Signs

Awnings and canopies that are considered an architectural feature of a structure and are not used for identifying the premises or the goods and/or services sold on the premises are not considered a sign. Awnings and canopies that only identify the address of the structure or are used as part of the front entrance treatment are not considered signs. Awnings and canopies used as signs are subject to the following regulations:

1.  Awning and canopy signs are permitted for multi-family residential and non-residential uses in any district.

2.   All awning or canopy signs shall maintain a minimum clearance of seven (7) feet. 

3.   Printing on any individual awning or canopy is limited to thirty percent (30%) of the surface of any side of an awning or canopy.

4.  Back-lit awnings and canopies are prohibited.

5.  Awning and canopy signs shall be securely attached to and supported by a building. All frames and supports shall be made of metal or similar rigid material. Frames and supports may not be made of wood or plastic.

6.  Under-awning, under-canopy, and under-gallery signs are permitted additions to awnings, canopies and galleries for non-residential uses, subject to the following regulations.

a.  Under-awning, under-canopy signs, and under-gallery signs shall be attached to the underside of an awning, canopy, or gallery and cannot project beyond the awning, canopy, or gallery.

b.  Under-awning, under-canopy signs, and under-gallery signs shall maintain a minimum clearance of seven (7) feet.

c.  A maximum of one (1) under-awning, under-canopy signs, and under-gallery sign is permitted per business establishment with frontage on the street where the awning, canopy, or gallery is installed.

d.  Under-awning, under-canopy signs, and under-gallery signs are limited to six (6) square feet.

e.  Under-awning, under-canopy signs, and under-gallery signs shall be securely fixed to the awning, canopy or gallery with metal supports.

7.  All awnings or canopies shall comply with the following design standards:

a.  Awnings and canopies shall be compatible in material and construction to the style and character of the structure and compatible with the overall color scheme of the fa├žade.

b.  Awnings shall be generally aligned with others nearby in order to maintain a sense of visual continuity.

c.  Awnings and canopies shall fit the opening of the structure and positioned so that distinctive architectural features remain visible.

Ord. 29126 MCS, 8-4-22, ZD 16/22