New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 4:50:08 PM

24.10 Exempt Permanent Signs

The following permanent signs and sign alteration and maintenance activities are exempt from a sign permit, but are subject to the requirements of this section and this Article. 

24.10.A Flags   

Flags of any government or governmental agency, nation, or any patriotic, religious, charitable, civic, educational or fraternal organization are exempt from sign permit requirements.

24.10.B Memorial Plaques   

Memorial plaques of bronze, brass, or other noncombustible material built into or attached to the wall of a structure are exempt from sign permit requirements. The memorial plaque may contain only the name of the building or structure, its use, the date of erection, names of the owner, architect or public official, or information commemorating a person or event. Memorial signs may also be cut into a masonry surface.

24.10.C Miscellaneous Information Matter   

Matter appearing on gasoline pumps, newspaper vending boxes and other vending machines, automatic teller machines, or matter appearing on or adjacent to entry doors and display windows such as PUSH, PULL, OPEN, CLOSED, presence of security measures, hours of operation, credit cards accepted, and similar information are exempt from sign permit requirements. However, such information is counted in the total window sign area limitation. No audio or video components are permitted on gasoline pumps.

Adopted by Ord. 29126 MCS, 8-4-22, ZD 16/22

24.10.D Municipal Signs   

Traffic or other municipal signs, legal notices, railroad crossing signs, signs regulating vehicular or pedestrian traffic, or designating or giving direction to streets, schools, historic sites or public buildings, and such temporary emergency or non-advertising signs are exempt from sign permit requirements, but are subject to approval by the City Council.

24.10.E Nameplates and Home Occupation Signs   

Nameplates, which identify the individual or company who currently owns a structure, and home occupation signs identifying only the business name are exempt from sign permit requirements and are limited to one (1) square foot in area.

24.10.F Parking Lot Information Signs   

Parking lot information signs, such as "Reserved", “No Parking,” or “Unauthorized users shall be towed,” are exempt from sign permit requirements but may not exceed two (2) square feet and shall be oriented to the parking area.

Adopted by Nov. 12, 2015, Zoning Docket 073-15, Ord. 26,684 MCS, ยง1

24.10.G Warning Signs   

Warning signs, such as “Beware of Dog,” “No Trespassing,” or “No Dumping” are exempt from sign permit requirements. Warning signs are limited to two (2) square feet in area per sign and no more than four (4) signs per lot.

24.10.H Katrina Watermark Signs And Search and Rescue Signs   

Katrina watermark signs and search and rescue signs are exempt from sign permit requirements.