New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/23/2023 11:38:27 PM

23.4.C Wet-Tolerant and Drought-Tolerant Plant Requirements

Plant selection should emphasize wet-tolerant native species in stormwater BMPs whenever possible. When this is not feasible, drought-tolerant native species with irrigation systems may be installed. Wet-tolerant and drought-tolerant species shall be grouped by common irrigation need.

23.4.C.1 Plant Materials   

a.  Plant selection shall first emphasize a variety of wet-tolerant native species incorporated in stormwater management BMPs. A minimum of fifty percent (50%) of all required landscaped areas shall be designed, constructed and maintained as green stormwater infrastructure features. 

b.  For all projects that include landscape areas not included within stormwater BMPs, at least fifty percent (50%) of the landscaped area shall be drought-tolerant plants.

c.  For all projects that include total landscape areas not within stormwater BMPs, the landscape plan shall contain irrigation water calculations and shall not exceed the maximum applied water allowance of twenty-five (25) gallons per square foot of landscape area. The applicant shall indicate the square footage and the water use calculation for each irrigated landscape area. 

23.4.C.2 Groupings   

Landscape areas having plants with similar water needs shall be grouped together and irrigated by a dedicated irrigation controller station. All plants listed in the landscape plan shall be classified and grouped by category of water use calculations. Water use calculations shall be grouped as low, medium, and high.