New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/23/2023 11:14:20 PM

23.13 Screening Requirements

23.13.A Refuse Disposal Dumpsters, Recycling Containers, and Refuse Storage Areas   

All refuse and recycling containers shall be fully enclosed on three (3) sides by a solid fence, a masonry wall, or principal structure wall seven (7) feet in height. The enclosure shall be gated. The materials used for screening, including the enclosure, shall complement the architecture of the principal building. An extension of an exterior principal building wall may be used as one of the screening walls for a refuse container, provided that the wall meets the minimum seven (7) foot height requirement and is of the same building materials as the principal building. The wall may not serve as the required gated enclosure.

23.13.B Loading Berths   

Where feasible, loading berths shall be located and oriented so as not be visible from the street and adjacent properties, while still allowing access to the use served. In addition, loading berths shall be screened as much as possible, unless such screening is determined unnecessary by the body approving the landscape plan. Such screening shall consist of a masonry wall or a solid fence at least seven (7) feet in height. 

23.13.C Outdoor Storage and Display Areas   

23.13.C.1 Outdoor Storage Areas   

a.  All outdoor storage areas shall be completely screened by an opaque masonry wall of stone, stucco, or brick, or a solid fence of wood or simulated wood no less than seven (7) feet in height. Where feasible, plant materials shall be installed along the fence or wall located along the public right-of-way to provide a softening effect. No materials stored outdoors may exceed the height of the required fence or wall with the exception of construction material.

b.  Outdoor storage areas shall provide landscape and shading of the interior with a combination of tree canopy and non-reflective canopies covering twenty-five percent (25%) of the site.

23.13.C.2 Outdoor Sales and Display Areas   

a. When the rear or interior side yard of an outdoor display area abuts a residential district, the outdoor display area shall be effectively screened from view by a masonry wall, solid fence, or dense evergreen hedge at least seven (7) feet in height.

b.  All outdoor display areas shall be designed with a landscape yard along the public right-of-way, excluding alleys, a minimum of ten (10) feet in width and planted with shade or evergreen trees at a rate of one (1) tree per twenty-five (25) feet, and supplemented with shrubs and perennials to enhance the view from the public right-of-way. These screening requirements are not intended to prohibit openings necessary for access drives and walkways.

c.  Motor vehicle dealerships or rental establishments with outdoor sales and display lots shall be designed with permanent screening along the right-of-way, excluding alleys. The screening shall consist of small shrubs and an ornamental fence or a low pedestrian wall no less than three (3) foot in height. Shrubs shall be planted with one (1) shrub every thirty-six (36) inches on center, spaced linearly. The shrubs shall measure a minimum of twenty-four (24) inches at planting, and a minimum of thirty-six (36) inches to a maximum of forty-eight (48) inches in height at maturity.

d.  Growing areas for nursery stock located in the front or corner side yard are considered to meet outdoor sales and display screening requirements.