New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/23/2023 10:54:29 PM

23.11 Parkway Trees

The following requirements apply to parkways (i.e., those areas within the public right-of-way located between the curb and the sidewalk) within the Central Business District and Commercial Center and Institutional Campus Districts. All parkways shall be landscaped in conformance with this Ordinance, all provisions of the City Code, and with the approval of the Department of Parks and Parkways.

A.  Parkway trees shall be planted at the equivalent of one (1) tree for every forty (40) linear feet for shade trees and every twenty-five (25) linear feet for ornamental trees.  Where appropriate, parkway trees may be clustered or spaced differently as determined appropriate or necessary by the Department of Parks and Parkways.  Shade trees are defined as having a height of over forty (40) feet at maturity; ornamental trees are defined as having a height of less than forty (40) feet at maturity.  

B.  A variety of compatible species should be included in the planting plan for a specific site or development. The selecting of tree species shall be reviewed and approved by the Department of Parks and Parkways with particular regard for site-appropriate species.