New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/25/2023 6:50:17 PM

22.9.B Design

1.  Required bicycle spaces shall have a minimum dimension of two (2) feet in width by six (6) feet in length, with a minimum overhead vertical clearance of seven (7) feet. Each required bicycle parking space shall be accessible without moving another bicycle. There shall be an aisle at least five (5) feet wide between each row of bicycle parking to allow room for bicycle maneuvering.

2.  The area devoted to bicycle parking shall be surfaced as required for vehicle parking areas.

3.  All long-term bicycle parking spaces shall be covered, which can be achieved through use of an overhang or covered walkway, weatherproof outdoor bicycle lockers, or an indoor storage area. Where bicycle parking is not located within a building or locker, the cover design shall be of permanent construction, designed to protect bicycles from rainfall and with a minimum overhead vertical clearance of seven (7) feet.

4. Bicycle parking facilities shall provide lockable enclosed lockers or racks, or similar structures, where the bicycle may be locked by the user. Racks shall permit the bicycle frame and one (1) wheel to be locked to the rack and support the bicycle in a stable position. Structures that require a user-supplied locking device shall be designed to accommodate U-shaped locking devices. All lockers and racks shall be securely anchored to the ground or a structure to prevent the racks and lockers from being removed from the location.

5.  If required bicycle parking facilities are not visible from the street or principal building entrance, signs shall be posted indicating their location. Signs shall meet the requirements of Article 24.

Figure 22-7: Bicycle Parking Space Design

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