New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/23/2023 9:52:42 PM

22.8.G Drainage and Maintenance

1.  Off-street parking facilities shall be drained to eliminate standing water and prevent damage to abutting property and/or public streets and alleys, and surfaced with erosion-resistant material in accordance with applicable City specifications.

2.  Any new surface parking lot that is 5,000 square feet or more in total impervious area shall meet stormwater management requirements in accordance with the Code of Ordinances. Parking lots for single-family, two-family, and multi-family dwellings of six (6) units or less are exempt from this requirement.

3.  Off-street parking areas shall be maintained in a clean, orderly, and dust-free condition at the expense of the owner or lessee. A minimum of one (1) litter receptacle shall be included in any parking lot.

Ord. 27,683 MCS, ยง5, March 6, 2018, Zoning Docket 086-17