New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/23/2023 10:15:08 PM

22.6.B Required Bicycle Facilities

Shower and locker facilities for bicyclists are required for offices and government offices, university and vocational educational facilities, hospitals and industrial uses over forty thousand (40,000) square feet in gross floor areas. 

1.  A minimum of two (2) showers in projects between forty thousand (40,000) square feet and one-hundred twenty five thousand (125,000) square feet, and three (3) showers for any project over one-hundred twenty five thousand (125,000) square feet. Dressing areas and lockers shall be provided as part of the shower facilities.

2.  Lockers for clothing and other personal effects shall be located in proximity to showers and dressing areas to permit access to the locker areas. A minimum of one (1) clothes locker is required for each long-term bicycle parking space provided.