New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 9:18:25 AM

22.6.A General Requirements

1.  All uses listed within Table 22-1 are required to provide short-term bicycle parking spaces, which are areas where bicycles will be left for short stops, requiring a high degree of convenience. Certain uses listed within Table 22-1 require a percentage of the required bicycle parking spaces to provide long-term bicycle parking spaces, where bicycles will be left for longer periods of time and require a safe and weatherproof storage area.

2.  In all cases where bicycle parking is required, a minimum of two (2) bicycle spaces is required.

3. After the first thirty (30) required bicycle parking spaces are provided, additional bicycle parking spaces are required at one-half (½) space per unit listed in Table 22-1.

4.  Where bicycle parking space requirements in Table 22-1 indicate “Over 10,000sf GFA” or other number threshold, this means that bicycle spaces are required only for structures over a certain gross floor area. In these cases, bicycle parking space requirements are calculated on the basis of the entire gross floor area.