New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/19/2024 3:06:52 AM

22.13 Storage of Commercial Vehicles

The following restrictions apply to the parking or storage of commercial vehicles on property zoned for residential use.

A.  No commercial vehicle may be parked on any public right-of-way in a residential district, except for vehicles engaged in loading or unloading or current work being done to the adjacent premises.

B.  No stored or parked commercial vehicle may be occupied or used for human habitation.

C.  Only standard size passenger motor vehicles including, but not limited to, vans, sports utility vehicles (SUVs), standard passenger size livery vehicles, and pick-up trucks are permitted to be stored or parked outdoors overnight on lots in residential districts.

D.  Permitted commercial vehicles, as described in Paragraph C above, include vehicles owned and used for commercial purposes by the occupant of a dwelling or guest, provided that the vehicle is stored or parked in a permitted parking area. Permitted commercial vehicles may include the logo of the commercial business painted on or applied to the vehicle. All other commercial vehicles including, but not limited to, semi-truck tractor units, with or without attached trailers, commercial trailers, buses, tow trucks, construction vehicles, livery vehicles that exceed standard passenger vehicle size, such as limousines, or other large commercial vehicles are not permitted to be stored or parked outside overnight on residentially-zoned property.