New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 8:04:12 AM

22.11.D Parking Pad Design for Single-Family and Two-Family Residential Uses

Single-family and two-family dwellings are permitted a paved parking pad, subject to the following requirements:

1.  Parking pads are prohibited in the required front yard or required corner side yard.

2.  Parking pads are prohibited between the front fa├žade and the front lot line and shall be located behind the front building line of the house. The parking pad shall be of sufficient depth so that the parked auto does not encroach into the required front yard. At least fifty percent (50%) or more of the combined width of the front building line and parking pad shall be the principal structure. (See Figure 22-11: Parking Pad Design)

3.  Parking pads may be located within the required interior side or rear yard but shall be located a minimum of one (1) foot from any lot line.

4. Parking pads must be a minimum of eight and a half (8.5) feet in width and eighteen (18) feet in length.

5.  All driveways shall comply with the requirements of Paragraph A above.

6.  The maximum coverage requirements for the lot may not be exceeded to accommodate a parking pad.

7.  Parking pads may be surfaced with a durable, impermeable, all-weather material or a permeable paving system. Parking pads shall be designed so that they do not hold standing water and drain toward the front of the lot.

8. For the purposes of the Ordinance, the regulations within this section also apply to parking strips, in conjunction with Article 22, Section 22.8.E. (See Figure 22-4: Parallel Parking Strips).


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Ord. 29126, 8-12-22, ZD016/22