New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 11:57:57 AM

21.8.C.7 Temporary Outdoor Entertainment Events

A temporary live entertainment event, such as the performance of musical act, theatrical play or act, including stand-up comedy, magic, dance clubs, and disc jockey performances using vinyl records, compact discs, computers, or digital music players when the disc jockey is in verbal communication with the clientele of the establishment within outdoor space may be allowed on public or private property. The following standards apply to this temporary use. This does not include temporary reviewing stands, which are regulated separately.

a.         A management plan is required for review by the Director of Safety & Permits as part of the temporary use permit application that demonstrates the following:

i.          The on-site presence of a manager during the event.

ii.         General layout of performance areas, visitor facilities, such as seating areas and restrooms, and all ingress and egress points to the site.

iii.        Provision for recycling and waste removal.

iv.        The days and hours of operation, including set-up and take-down times.

v.         A description of crowd control and security measures.

b.         Temporary outdoor entertainment are allowed under the following conditions: (a) when there is no conditional use, temporary outdoor entertainment events are limited to a maximum of three (3) consecutive days per special event with a maximum of eight (8) special events per calendar year or (b) when there is a conditional use on a property permitting outdoor live ente1iainment on an annual basis, in which case, that property may add three (3) consecutive days to an existing weekly use for a special event with a maximum of three (3) special events per year.

c.         Establishments using the Temporary Outdoor Entertainment Events use permission shall not be authorized to also use the Indoor or Outdoor Live Entertainment Accessory Temporary Use permissions within the same calendar week as an Indoor or Outdoor Live Entertainment Accessory Use.

Ord 29157 MCS, 9-12-22, ZD030/22