New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 12:46:46 PM

21.8.C.1 Carnival/Circus

Carnivals/circuses are permitted in any non-residential zoning district, and shall be evaluated on the basis of the adequacy of the parcel size, parking provisions, traffic access, and the absence of undue adverse impact, including noise, on other properties. These uses are not required to comply with the district yard and height requirements of this Ordinance. The concessionaire responsible for the operation of any such use shall:

a.  Submit, in advance of the event, a site layout displaying adequate ingress and egress routes for emergency vehicles with no dead-end aisles.

b.  Comply with all local regulations.

c.  Provide refuse containers in the number and locations required by the City. All containers shall be properly serviced.

d.  Provide for thorough clean-up of the site at the completion of the event.

e.  Provide proof that all amusement devices have been inspected by the proper authority.

f.  Upon written notice from the City, immediately stop the use of any amusement device or structure found by the City to pose a threat to the public safety.