New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 12:10:31 PM

21.6.X.2 Outdoor Storage

The following uses are permitted outdoor storage: nursery, including the growing of plants in the open, heavy sales, rental, and service, motor vehicle dealership and rental establishment, motor vehicle operations facility, motor vehicle service and repair, minor or major, light, heavy, and maritime-dependent manufacturing, outdoor storage yards, and contractor storage yards. These uses are permitted outdoor storage in accordance with the following provisions:

a.  No outdoor storage is permitted in any public right-of-way or located so as to obstruct pedestrian or vehicular traffic. No outdoor storage is permitted in a required yard.

b.  All manufacturing, assembly, repair, or work activity shall take place inside an enclosed building. This does not apply to heavy industrial or maritime industrial uses that are typically conducted outdoors or have an outdoor component.

c.  No required parking area may be used as an outdoor storage.

d. No materials stored or displayed outdoors may be of a greater height than that of the required screening, with the exception of storage of construction equipment.

e.  All outdoor storage shall comply with the screening requirements of Article 23.