New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 12:12:40 PM

21.6.DD.2 Building-Mounted Systems

a. A building mounted system may be mounted on the roof or wall of a principal building or accessory structure. (See Figure 21-8: Building-Mounted Solar Panels)

b.  On pitched roof buildings, the maximum height of a solar panel may rise is eighteen (18) inches. Pitched roof-mounted solar panels should be placed in a location least visible from the public street; however, this does not prohibit the installation of solar panels on a roof that may be visible when that exposure, particularly a southern exposure, is the most viable location. In those instances, solar panels shall be integrated into the structure as an architectural feature as described in Paragraph d below.

c.  On flat roofed buildings, the solar panel system is limited to a maximum height of six (6) feet above the surface of the roof.

d. Solar panels may project from a building facade as follows.

i.  May project up to two (2) feet from a facade.

ii. May encroach into a required side or rear yard, but no closer than five (5) feet to the side or rear property line.


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