New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/28/2023 1:14:49 PM

21.6.DD Solar Energy System: Private

21.6.DD.1 General Requirements   

The installation and construction of a solar energy system is subject to the following development and design standards:

a. A solar panel may be building-mounted or freestanding.

b. Solar panels shall be placed so that concentrated solar radiation or glare is not directed onto nearby properties or roadways.

c. All electrical interconnections to the grid shall conform to the National Electrical Code. Prior to issuance of a building permit, applications for grid-connected solar panels shall include a copy of an approved interconnection agreement with the local utility or a letter from the local utility indicating that an interconnection agreement is not required.

d. Only manufacturer and equipment information, warning signs, or ownership information is allowed to be printed/imprinted on the panels.

21.6.DD.2 Building-Mounted Systems   

a. A building mounted system may be mounted on the roof or wall of a principal building or accessory structure. (See Figure 21-8: Building-Mounted Solar Panels)

b.  On pitched roof buildings, the maximum height of a solar panel may rise is eighteen (18) inches. Pitched roof-mounted solar panels should be placed in a location least visible from the public street; however, this does not prohibit the installation of solar panels on a roof that may be visible when that exposure, particularly a southern exposure, is the most viable location. In those instances, solar panels shall be integrated into the structure as an architectural feature as described in Paragraph d below.

c.  On flat roofed buildings, the solar panel system is limited to a maximum height of six (6) feet above the surface of the roof.

d. Solar panels may project from a building facade as follows.

i.  May project up to two (2) feet from a facade.

ii. May encroach into a required side or rear yard, but no closer than five (5) feet to the side or rear property line.


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21.6.DD.3 Freestanding Systems   

A freestanding system is permitted to locate only in the interior side and rear yard, and shall be set back a minimum of five (5) feet from any lot line.

21.6.DD.4 Co-Location   

Solar panels may be co-located on communication towers, and parking lot and street light poles, in which case the height and setback requirements for said tower/pole apply.