New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 5:24:17 PM

21.6.C Amateur (HAM) Radio Equipment

1.  Towers that solely support amateur (HAM) radio equipment and conform to all applicable performance standards are permitted to locate only in the rear yard and shall be located ten (10) feet from all lot lines. Towers may not exceed the maximum building height of the applicable district.

2.  Antenna may be ground-, building-, or roof-mounted. Every effort shall be made to install radio antennae in locations that are not readily visible from neighboring properties or from the public right-of-way, excluding alleys.

3.  If an applicant applies for a variance for an antenna or tower to exceed the height limitation, the applicant shall provide evidence that a taller tower and/or antenna is necessary to engage successfully in amateur radio communications. In addition, the applicant shall provide evidence that the tower and/or antenna is not a hazard to birds (i.e., minimal chance of bird strikes). Such tower and/or antenna shall conform to all applicable performance standards. As part of the application, the applicant shall submit a development plan showing the proposed location of the tower and/or antenna, as well as its relation to the principal building and any additional accessory structures.