New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 5:10:07 PM

21.4.G View Obstruction

The site clearance area at the intersection of two (2) streets is defined as a triangular area of a corner lot measured twenty (20) feet from the point of intersection of the two (2) streets measured along the curb line or edge of pavement where no curbs are present. The site clearance area shall not be obstructed by any sign, wall, fence, hedge, shrub, or other accessory structure or landscape that exceeds twenty-four (24) inches in height. Trees may be maintained within this area as long as there is no foliage within thirty-six (36) inches of the ground, as measured from the ground to the lowest foliage. In the event that the grade of a lot is higher than the street grade, the height of the wall, fence, hedge, or shrub shall be reduced so that the site clearance area is not obstructed twenty-four (24) inches over the grade of the street. (See Figure 21-1: View Obstruction)


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Ord. 29126, 8-12-22, ZD016/22