New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 5:29:28 PM

20.3.XX Recreational Vehicle (RV) Park

1.  An RV park shall be located on a site a minimum of one (1) city square in all districts except the Rural Residential Districts. In the Rural Residential Districts, an RV park shall be located on a site of a minimum of two and one-half (2.5) acres.   

2.  Minimum rental space size for spaces having utility connections shall be fifteen hundred (1,500) square feet. Minimum rental space size for those spaces not having utility connections shall be nine hundred (900) square feet. Minimum rental space size does not include any area required for access roads, off-street parking, service buildings, recreation areas, office, and similar RV park needs.

3.  All spaces shall be equipped with a surfaced pad of asphalt or concrete, or an approved permeable paving surface, of not less than ten (10) feet by forty (40) feet, containing connections for water, sewer, and electricity. Each RV unit shall be parked entirely on the surfaced area so that no part of the vehicle obstructs any roadway or walkway within the RV park.

4.  An RV park shall meet the following yard and distancing requirements:

a.  An RV park shall maintain a perimeter yard of twenty (20) feet.

b.  A minimum of ten (10) feet is required between RV units parked side by side or end to end.

c.  A minimum of twenty (20) feet is required between any RV space and any structure.

d.  Each vehicle space shall be a minimum width of twenty (20) feet.

5.  Every RV park shall provide one (1) or more service buildings equipped with flush toilets, lavatories, showers, and laundry facilities meeting minimum state health department standards. These facilities shall be located no more than three hundred (300) feet from each vehicle space.

6.  Every RV park shall provide a minimum of one (1) sanitary disposal station for the purpose of removing and disposing of wastes from holding tanks in a clean, efficient, and convenient manner.

a.  Each sanitary station shall consist of a drainage basin constructed of impervious material, containing a disposal hatch and self-closing cover, and related washing facilities.

b.  The disposal hatch of sanitary station units shall be connected to the sewage disposal system. Related facilities required to wash holding tanks and the general area of the sanitary station shall be connected to the RV park water supply system.

c.  Each sanitary station shall have a sign posted stating “Danger - Not to be used for drinking or domestic purposes.”

7.  An RV park shall meet the following utility requirements:

a.  All utilities shall be placed underground.

b.  An accessible, adequate, safe, and potable supply of water under pressure shall be provided in every RV park. Each vehicle space equipped with sewer and electrical connections shall be equipped with two (2) water outlets to provide connection for the RV and a garden hose. All other spaces shall be equipped with one (1) water outlet.

c.  All refuse shall be stored in durable, washable, and nonabsorbent metal or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids. Such containers are required at a rate of one (1) thirty (30) gallon container for each rental space or an equivalent storage capacity in centralized storage facilities. All refuse storage areas must be screened in accordance with Section 23.13.A. Adequate refuse collection and removal is the responsibility of the park owner.

8.  Ten percent (10%) of the gross area of the RV park shall be maintained as common open space for playgrounds, picnic areas, and other recreational uses. Open space does not include any area designated as a roadway, RV rental space, storage area, yard area surrounding a caretakers residence, or any area required for setbacks.

9.  Temporary structures, such as canvas awnings, screened enclosures or platforms, which are normal camping equipment, may be erected but shall be removed when the rental space is vacated. No other structural additions shall be built onto or become a part of any RV. Storage sheds and other accessory structures are prohibited.

10.  No open fires are allowed.