New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 6:43:55 PM

20.3.VV Racetrack

1.  As part of the conditional use approval for a dog or horse racetrack, hours or permissions for the following shall be established:

a.  Pari-mutuel wagering

b.  The duration of illumination for field lights and racecourse illumination systems, including standard hours of illumination and hours for night or twilight racing. In case of emergency, such as a horse or jockey injury, there is an automatic exception to the set hours of illumination. The inability of track patrons to exit the parking lot by the set time because of excessive traffic does not constitute an emergency.

2.  Night or twilight racing for a horse or dog racetrack is limited to two (2) nights per week.

3.  All field lights and racecourse illumination systems shall be directed and placed to minimize the effects on neighboring properties. The systems shall not employ candlepower in excess of the minimum actually required for racing events. As part of the conditional use approval, the City Council will select an illumination expert to examine and inspect lighting systems to insure compliance with this provision, to be paid for by the applicant.

4.  The racetrack shall minimize the effects of vehicular and pedestrian ingress and egress on neighboring properties. Except for existing racetracks, all vehicular and pedestrian gates, driveways, and/or walkways shall be closed to the general public during the hours of operation on any day in which race events will be held after 6:30 p.m. except for gates located on a major street. The horse or dog racetrack shall provide, at its expense, for personnel to control traffic entering and existing gates on a major street.

5.  Evidence that all applicable State laws will be complied with, including approval by the Louisiana State Racing Commission, shall be provided to the City Council.