New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 5:20:46 PM

20.3.V Drive-Through Facility

A drive-through facility is considered a separate principal use, rather than accessory to the principal use, and is subject to the following standards:

1.  In the Historic Urban Neighborhoods, a drive-through use shall have a minimum of ten-thousand (10,000) square feet of lot area in order to have a drive-through facility. In all other districts, where drive-through facilities are allowed, the use shall have a minimum of twenty-thousand (20,000) square feet.

2.  All drive-through lanes shall be located and designed to ensure that they do not adversely affect the safety and efficiency of traffic circulation on adjoining streets. Drive-through lanes on corner lots shall not route exiting traffic into adjacent residential neighborhoods.

3.  All stacking spaces for drive-through lanes shall be designed in accordance with Section 22.12.

4.  All drive-through facilities shall be properly screened. Drive aisles of drive-through facilities shall be effectively screened from view along the public right-of-way and at the edges of sites adjacent to residential properties in order to minimize the impact of exterior site lighting, headlight glare and any menu intercom displays. Such screening shall consist of a masonry wall, solid fence, or dense evergreen hedge at least six (6) feet in height. Plant materials shall be installed along the fence or wall to provide a softening effect.

5.  The volume on all intercom menu displays shall be maintained at a level so as not to be audible in adjoining residential districts. The volume on all intercom menu displays shall comply with all local noise regulations.

6.  The operator of the drive-through facility shall provide adequate on-site outdoor waste receptacles and provide daily litter clean-up of the facility and along the rights-of-way abutting the property.

7.  The submission of a Traffic Plan is required.  the Traffic Plan shall include the following components: circulation routes for motor vehicles, bicycle and pedestrian transportation modes; ingress and egress locations for each transportation mode; curb side usage; locations and capacity of all off-street parking and loading spaces; traffic control plan during peak hours; crosswalk striping, ADA compliance and curbside bus and car passenger pick-up locations.  The Traffic Plan shall be approved by the City Planning Commission staff and the Department of Public Works.

Ord. 28508 MCS, ZD 57/20, 10-1-20