New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 7:39:28 AM

20.3.TTT Convenience Center

1.  Vehicles are limited to dropping off ten (10) cubic yards of waste or recyclables per day.

2.  Limits on the types of materials collected at each site shall be determined by the Departments of Health and Sanitation.  Restrictions and limitations shall be placed on the faciity if such restrictions are found to be in the public welfare.  Such restrictions include, but are not limited to, locations, source of origin, volume of wastes entering the facilities, and types of wastes.  The disposal of regulated materials, as defined by the current Louisiana Hazardous Waste Regulations and subsequent Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality guidelines, shall be generally prohibited.  However, if deemed in the public welfare, the Departments of Sanitation and Health may authorize the disposal of such materials at the facility, if such disposal is authorized by Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality regulations.

3.  Collection receptacles and activiites shall be setback at least fifty feet (50 ft.) from all neighboring property lines except those that border an industrial district.

4.  Sites that border a residential district shall be prohibited.

5.  Sites shall be fenced with opaque materials at least eight feet (8 ft.) in height.

6.  The submission of a Traffic Plan is required.  The Traffic Plan shall include the following components: circulation routes for motor vehicles; ingress and egress locations,; curb side usage; locations and capacity of all off-street parkig and loading spaces; traffic control plan during peak hours; crossowalk striping, ADA compliance and curbside.  The Traffic Plan shall be approved by the City Planning Commission saff and the Department of Public Works.

7.  All drive-through lanes shall be located and designed to ensure that they do not adversely affect the safety and efficiency of traffic circulation on adjoining streets. Traffic shall be routed only to major streets unless within an industrial district.

8.  No structures or internal roadways are permitted within the setbacks except for a booth at the facility entrance.

9.  All facilities shall provide for litter abatement outside the facility along the site boundaries and across the street.

10.  Water discharges from operating units of all facilities shall follow all Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality regulations pursuant to the Louisiana Administrative Code and all applicable local requirements.

11.  Hurricane and flood protection shall be provided and incorporated into the facility’s design and operation.

12.  Fire protection and medical care, as approved by the City’s Fire and Health Departments and pursuant to the Louisiana Administrative Code, shall be available.

13.  Security shall be provided and incorporated into the facility’s design and operation.

14.  A detailed fire and emergency action plan in accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act 29 CFR 1910 and all other applicable regulations shall be submitted to the New Orleans Fire Department for approval. These plans shall include, but are not limited to:

a.         Location of fire hydrants and size of water lines.

b.         Communications equipment, size, and type.

c.          Actions to be taken to ensure employee safety from fire and other emergency  situations.

d.         A complete list of the projected major fire hazards, their proper handling and storage procedures, potential ignition sources and control procedures, and a description of fire protection systems.

e.          Evacuation and re-entry routes.

Ord 28967 MCS, 3-10-22, ZD 107/21