New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 6:34:55 PM

20.3.T.1 General Requirements

a.  Each day care center shall comply with all applicable state and federal regulations, including regulations within the Louisiana Administrative Code, including Louisiana State Fire Marshal Code if serving seven or more children, and Title 51 Louisiana Public Health Sanitary Code (LA Department of Health Code) where applicable.

b.  The home-based child care facility shall retain a residential character and shall not alter the residential character of the neighborhood.

c.  An on-site drop-off and/or residential passenger zone shall be provided. A residential driveway may be acceptable for this purpose, but may not be shared with any required parking area. The drop-off area shall be located so that clients of the facility are dropped off in front of the facility, which may be demarcated with signs or traffic cones during specific times of day. Drop-off areas located across the street from the facility do not meet this requiremen

d.  The number of children permitted in a day care home is as follows:

  1. Home-based Child Care, Small: Up to six (6) children
  2. Home-based Child Care, Large: Up to seven (7) or more children

e.  The number of adults permitted in a day care home is as follows:

i.  Home-based Adult Care Home - Small: Up to five (5) adults.

ii.  Home-based Adult Care Home - Large: Six (6) or more adults.


Ord. 28432 MCS, 8-6-20, ZD 38/20