New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 8:19:47 AM

20.3.OO.2 Parking Lot

All parking lots shall meet the following requirements:

a. The parking lot shall be used solely for the parking of passenger vehicles for periods of less than one (1) day and cannot be used as an off-street loading area.

b.   No sale, display, repair, or service of any kind is permitted in any parking lot.

c.  Signs shall comply with the regulations of Section 24.12, or for Historic Core Districts, Section 24.13.

d.  No buildings other than those for shelter of attendants or payment kiosks are permitted in a parking lot. The allowable shelters shall not exceed ten (10) feet in height and fifty (50) square feet in area.

e.  The parking lots shall be screened and landscaped in accordance with the requirements of Article 23.

f.  The parking lot shall be kept free from refuse and debris. All landscape shall be maintained in a healthy growing condition.

g. Parking lots in the VCS or VCS-1 Districts are conditional uses on existing vacant lots only.

h. A parking lot shall submit a security and operation plan, to be reviewed by the Director of Safety and Permits, and all other relevant City agencies, with the following:

i. The parking lot shall provide exterior security cameras, the location of which shall be indicated in the plan.

ii. Security and operation plans may be revised by the property owner or licensed operator. New plans shall be resubmitted for approval.

Ord. 29546 MCS, July 24, 2023, Zoning Docket 12-23