New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 7:51:44 AM

20.3.OO.1 Parking Structure

Parking structures located in the Historic Core and Central Business District Districts shall meet the following requirements:

a.  Parking structures shall include commercial uses along twenty-five percent (25%)  of the ground floor, excluding required access areas from the calculation, when adjacent to a public right-of-way.

b.  A traffic impact analysis is required.

c.  In VCC-2 District, parking structures are limited to those properties fronting on North Rampart Street and Iberville Street. 

d. A parking structure shall submit a security and operation plan, to be reviewed by the Director of Safety and Permits, and all other relevant City agencies, with the following:

i. The parking structure shall provide exterior and interior security cameras, the location of which shall be indicated on the plan.

ii. Security and operation plans may be revised by the property owner or licensed operator. New plans shall be resubmitted for approval. 

Ord. 29546 MCS, July 24, 2023, Zoning Docket 12-23