New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 7:40:09 AM

20.3.NN Neighborhood Commercial Establishment

1.  The existing structure is non-residential in its construction and original use.

2.  The existing structure and the proposed use shall be pedestrian-oriented in design, including public entrances oriented to the street and storefront windows along the first floor.

3.  Neighborhood commercial establishments are limited to the first floor of the structure and three-thousand (3,000) square feet in gross floor area.

4.  The following uses are permitted within a neighborhood commercial establishment:

i.  Art Gallery

ii.  Arts Studio

iii. Child Care Center, Adult or Child,  

  1. The use of a Child Care Center is exempt from the 3,000 square foot gross floor area limitation, if the existing site is able to provide the required off-street parking, per Article 22, Table 22-1 Off-Street Vehicle and Bicycle Parking Requirements, and meet the minimum square foot requirements, per Section 20.3.S.2.

iv.  Office

v.  Personal Services Establishment

vi. Restaurant, Specialty

vii. Retail Goods Establishment

5.   The structure is limited to the existing building footprint. No increase in building footprint or intensity of use is permitted.

6.  The principal entrance shall be a direct entry from the street the property abuts.

7.  No off-street parking is required.

8.  Drive-through facilities are prohibited.

9.  Outside storage or display is prohibited. All business, servicing, processing, and storage operations shall be located within the structure.

10.  Any signs are subject to the requirements of the HU-B1A District.

11. Hours of operation are limited to 6am through 10pm.

Ord. 28432 MCS, 8-6-20, ZD 38/20