New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/30/2023 5:56:37 PM

20.3.LLL.1 Short Term Rentals General Standards

a.         In addition to the use standards below, all short term rentals shall comply with the regulations of the Department of Safety and Permits and the Department of Finance, Bureau of Revenue.

b.         All short term rentals shall require a permit.  The permit shall be prominently displayed on the front facade of the property at a reasonable height in a location clearly visible from the street and accessible from the public right-of-way during all period of occupancy and contain the permit number, the contact information for the owner or operator, the permit type (Non-Commercial or Commercial) and the bedroom and occupancy limit.

c.         Short term rentals shall not be operated outdoors, in an accessory structure, or in a recreational vehicle.

d.         Only one party of guests shall be permitted per short term rental unit.

e.         Both Commercial and Non-Commercial short term rentals shall be considered dwelling units for density purposes and subject to the minimum lot area per dwelling unit requirement of the applicable zoning district.

f.          A short term rental permit shall be secured prior to operation; and short term rental operators shall comply with all applicable permit requirements provided in the Code of the City of New Orleans.

h.         The rental of kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, offices, and other common spaces may be used as part of the short term rental but shall not be rented as guest bedrooms. Only legally permitted bedrooms shall be used for the purposes of calculating the maximum number of guests. Studio apartments and dwelling units shall be considered to have one (1) guest bedroom and allowed a maximum of two (2) guests.

i.          Notwithstanding anything else herein to the contrary, no Short Term Rental or Bed and Breakfast shall be permitted within the boundaries of the Garden District, which for purposes of this subsection shall be defined as follows: the center line of St. Charles Avenue, downriver side of Jackson Avenue, center line of Magazine Street, and downriver side of Louisiana Avenue.  This provision shall not be waived.

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