New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/21/2023 6:17:21 PM

20.3.K Campground

1.   A maximum density of 50 campsites per acre is allowed.  Campsites must be located a minimum of 20 feet apart.

2.  Campgrounds shall comply with all applicable state and city regulations, including those governing the installation, construction, and/or operation of swimming pools, water supply, sewage disposal, food storage and services, plumbing, structures, electrical wiring, and fire prevention.

3.  Management headquarters, recreational facilities, coin operated laundry facilities, cabins for counselors, overnight accommodations, living space, and other uses and structures customarily associated with the operation of a campground are permitted.

4.  Storage of all campground materials and/or equipment shall be within enclosed structures.

5.  Year-round residency is prohibited at any campground. Camping units are prohibited from use as a principal residence.

6.  The perimeter setback shall be landscaped to screen the campground. Preservation of existing vegetation is encouraged.

7.  Each campsite shall be set back a minimum distance of fifty (50) feet from the perimeter property line of the campground. Any permanent or semi-permanent structures, such as platforms, ramps, lean-tos, garages, and sheds, are prohibited within this setback.