New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 9:06:06 AM

20.3.JJJ.6.c Security

i.  All wireless telecommunication towers, facilities, and antennas shall be designed with sufficient security measures to reasonably prevent unauthorized entry.

ii.  All wireless telecommunication towers shall be designed to preclude unauthorized climbing. Anti-climbing measures shall address the area from the base of the tower to twelve (12) feet above the base.

iii.  Any private access roads to a wireless telecommunication tower or facility shall be gated for security purposes.

iv.  Signs shall be mounted on the fenced enclosure and adjacent to any access points prohibiting entry without authorization, warning of danger from electrical equipment and unauthorized climbing of the tower. Signs shall also include the owner of the tower and a contact number in case of emergency. Such signs are limited to six (6) square feet in area. No other information may be part of such signs.