New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 9/21/2023 4:58:56 PM

20.3.JJJ.2 Application Requirements

Where a conditional use is required by this Ordinance for the construction or placement of wireless telecommunications towers or antennas, in addition to the requirements for a conditional use, said applications shall include the following items, unless waived by the Executive Director of the City Planning Commission:

a.  A development plan showing:

i.  The location, size, screening, and design of all structures, including fences.

ii.  The location and size of all outdoor equipment.

iii.  All landscaping and screening.

b.  A maintenance plan designed to ensure long-term, continuous maintenance to a reasonably prudent standard, including maintenance of landscaping, keeping the area free from debris and litter, and immediate removal of any graffiti.

c.  The nature and extent of the provider/applicant’s ownership, servitude, or lease interest in the property, building or structure upon which the antenna, facility or tower is proposed for placement, construction or modification.

d.  If the proposal is for a new wireless telecommunications tower, then a map showing the applicant’s search ring shall be provided and justification for why co-location is not feasible in order to demonstrate the need for a new tower.

e. Certification by a licensed and registered professional engineer regarding the manner in which the proposed structure will fail. The certification may be utilized, along with other criteria such as applicable regulations for the district in question, in determining if additional setback should be required for the structure and other facilities.