New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 8:28:02 AM

20.3.JJJ.10 Minor Modifications and Stealth Design for Wireless Telecommunications Antennas

Stealth design for wireless antennas is encouraged and is considered a permitted use in all districts. All development plans shall include all information required by this section. In addition to the standards of this section for wireless telecommunications antennas, stealth design shall comply with the following regulations:

a. Modifications that involve the removal or replacement of equipment, to an existing Wireless Telecommunications Antenna, Facility or Tower, which does not substantially change the physical dimension of the tower or facility, are permitted in all districts.

b.  To qualify as a stealth design, wireless telecommunications antennas shall be enclosed, camouflaged, screened, or reasonably obscured from public view.

c.  Antennas shall be located on or in structures already permitted within zoning districts, whether such structures are existing or newly constructed, such as water towers, clock towers, streetlights, penthouses, parapet walls, rooftops, flagpoles, and steeples, and shall be designed to blend in to the structure. Antennas that locate on existing towers are also considered stealth design. However, antennas attached to existing towers shall not exceed  the height of the tower above the maximum allowed.

d.  No antenna mounted on the fa├žade of a structure may increase the overall height of the building by more than one (1) foot.

e.   Antennas may be located on a mast consisting of a frame or pole which is mounted on a roof, or rises above or is otherwise located upon, the top of a building or structure, Mast-mounted antennas shall be located on buildings or other structures where the height of the building or structure is a minimum of forty (40) feet, as measured to the top roof peak or roof deck for a building and to the highest point of the structure if not a building; and the height of the mast shall not exceed twenty-five (25) feet in height as measured from the base to the tip. Masts located upon a building shall be located near the core of the building (to the maximum extent practical based on structural considerations and functionality) to minimize the surrounding ground level views.

f.  All stealth designs shall include a plan for maintenance for the proper operation and appearance of the antenna.

Ord. 29126, 8-12-22, ZD016/22