New Orleans Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance

Printed: 7/21/2024 9:20:08 AM

20.3.I.2 Bed and Breakfast Principal Standards

a.         Proof of operator occupancy shall be established by submission of at least three (3) pieces of proof of residence to the Department of Safety and Permits.

b.         All signs shall comply with applicable sign regulations for the zoning district.

c.         The bed and breakfast is limited to a maximum of nine (9) units for overnight accommodation.

d.         Cooking facilities are prohibited in individual guest rooms.

e.         If the zoning district allows restaurants, meals may be served to guests other than those registered with the bed and breakfast, provided the facility meets all other applicable city and state codes for food service.

f.          Leasing of common areas for social events shall be allowed, provided the facility meets all applicable off-street parking requirements and complies with the noise ordinance and all other provisions of the City Code.

g.         In residential districts and HU-B1A Neighborhood Business District, HU-B1 Neighborhood Business District, HU-MU Neighborhood Mixed-Use District, S-LM Lake Area Marina District, MU-1 Medium Intensity, Mixed-Use District, and MU-2 High Intensity Mixed-Use District, only one (1) Accessory Bed and Breakfast, one (1) Principal Bed and Breakfast, or one (1) Non-Commercial Short Term Rental is permitted within each city block, inclusive of all lots fronting any exterior boundary of said block and all interior lots not fronting the public right of way. 

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